Wordless Wednesday | 5

This past weekend, we finally hosted our first brunch in Seattle - what fun! Even though the summer weather here had made a surprise return for a few days, bringing sunshine and moderate temperatures, I couldn't resist pulling out this autumn favorite from Smitten Kitchen for Meyer Lemon and Cranberry Scones.

These scones are quick to come together and require just a few special ingredients. Don't worry if you can't find Meyer lemons; traditional ones work just fine. 

A few tips from someone who has baked these frequently: I like to get my butter very cold and grate it on a simple box grater to keep the dough light and fluffy, but you can also use a food processor (or even pastry cutter) as needed. And I'm also happy to report that the unbaked dough freezes beautifully once you've shaped the scones, so that you can bake a few whenever you need them. Because the only thing better than eating one fresh scone is having the rest available any weekend without any extra work.