Not Your Average Breakfast Links | 16

This past week reminded me that there's nothing wrong with following a path despite not knowing where it leads. Every day is an opportunity to explore ourselves and our world, even if we take a few missteps. I'm grateful for the grace in trying, failing, and learning - and of course the mornings it's possible to take a few sips of coffee and ponder:

  • Seattle has a way of shining despite overcast skies - and is well worth a trip!
  • But if scratching your travel itch involves a broader itinerary, consider a few stops on a U.S. brewery tour
  • Brene Brown's Daring Greatly makes a great in-flight read, and I'm excited for her latest and greatest: Rising Strong
  • Speaking of great titles, pretty much everything on Sam Harris' reading list would be perfect for spending a weekend curled up with a good book
  • If you haven't yet seen previews for "Joy" this Christmas, you should - and you'll understand why I basically have a friend crush on #JLaw
  • Up for discussion: are we desensitized to images of women in media?
  • On further consideration of the holiday spirit, it might be time soon to get crafty with this modern DIY advent calendar