Tools of the Trade: Pizza Night

Pizza night is all about keeping things loose and easy. For me, it's an opportunity to experiment within the lines of a familiar and fail-proof format. I can try my hand at say, a red onion thyme jam with smoked mozzarella pie, knowing that our dough was made the night before. In fact, my favorite dough recipe makes a double batch, so every other week I get the added bonus of simply pulling my premade dough from a Tupperware in the freezer. Then those deliciously quiet Friday evenings can be spent mostly enjoying the meal -- and perhaps a post-prandial beverage.

Yet behind every OCD home chef is a cast of trusted tools and ingredients, so I'd be remiss not to share with you the Emile Henry pizza stone, King Arthur all-purpose flour, stainless steel baker's peel or OXO pizza wheel that quite literally litter the kitchen every Friday evening.

You certainly can make a delicious pie without these, but trust me: You'll love them so much, you might just travel with them (as I have on many vacations within driving distance - and even one flight!).