Holiday Planning | Family Thanksgiving

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It should come as no surprise to you that Thanksgiving is one my favorite holidays: After all, it's an entire day devoted to creating and sharing food with those you love and those who might be without in some way.

In the coming weeks, I'll share tips and tricks on simple but handsome holiday decor, clever ways to keep your guests entertained while you're in the kitchen (hello, adult crafts!) and to send them home with leftovers, and, of course, recipes for all that extra turkey you might have. But today's post is about feeling in control of the chaos that can creep into Thanksgiving day meal preparations.

If you haven't heard of Sam Sifton's Thanksgiving, it's well worth picking up this fall for a dose of humor and calm with your side of mashed potatoes. And, if you're like me on my first solo prep for Thanksgiving years ago, you'll find this timeline from Real Simple a great guide for how to organize your cooking.

That's all for now; take a few moments to digest, and check back tomorrow for a menu that brings together our favorite Thanksgiving menu items, with an eye for load-balancing your stove and oven demands - but without sacrificing flavor.