Wordless Wednesday | 8

Photo by Martha Stewart

If you've got a bit of the romantic in you, there's a chance you believe that alchemy happens in the kitchen. Sure, there's a science behind, say, how onions and other vegetables caramelize, but isn't there something a little transcendent about taking humble ingredients and creating something entirely new and possibly seductive out of them?

One of the most amazing things about this Slow-Cooker Bacon Jam from Martha Stewart is the simplicity of the ingredients and preparation. (Not to mention how boss you'll feel walking away from your butcher's counter with a pound and a half of bacon. 

This recipe will simmer away in your kitchen while you TCB (take care of business) and reward you later with a condiment that goes on just about anything. You might start using it on a hearty beef burger or slather it on a biscuit, but the uses are really limitless. The best part? It keeps in the fridge for weeks, without any water-bath canning required.