Not Your Average Breakfast Links | 11

After an intensely busy period in the office this past month, I'm finally starting to settle in to my new role. At the same time, Seattle's cooler temps and wetter weather seem to be nestling in for the duration. The clouds do indeed have their silver lining: Gorgeously lush woods just a stone's throw outside of the city and pops of amber, crimson and burgundy starting to paint the trees. Today's breakfast links come with a side coffee - I'm topping mine with whipped cream.

  • Does it matter if a local brewery is owned by Anheuser-Busch when they can still make a Corporate Beer Sucks label?
  • At the intersection of Washington Heights and beautiful architecture, a floating farmhouse
  • If you're a fan of that type of domicile, the remodel of this Catskills guest house is for you
  • Take a peek at these fantastic prints - it'll be our little secret that they're from PB Teen
  • If your little ones are still in primary school and you like to channel your inner Martha, you'll love those Halloween treats
  • Have you used Adobe Slate? Along with discovering Sway this week, I feel like I've got two solutions in search of a project
  • All I can say about this is: Girl, pleats
  • And finally, because you simply can't follow this up with anything else, an app for cats