Game Changer Mini-Series | Easiest Cinnamon Sugar Apple Snacks

To say that I have a sweet tooth is an understatement. Genetically speaking, I'm like a dietary clone of my grandmother. Well into her nineties, she carries a small piece of chocolate in her sweater pocket at any given time "just in case."

This ridiculously simple recipe for Cinnamon Sugar Apple Snacks is worth just the few extra seconds it takes to "prepare" - and by prepare, I mean that to make this, I stand in my pantry and grab a quart size plastic bag, add a little sugar and cinnamon in one fell swoop, and scoot over to the kitchen to let the mixture work its magic for a few minutes.

The result is a perfectly healthy, slightly elevated and oh-so-sweet snack that will satisfy any post-holiday cravings you have. If only it fit into a pocket.