Game Changer Mini-Series | Better than Bouillon


It might feel like a stretch too far to call a stock base a game-changer, but trust me: It is. Perhaps, like me, you used to wince at a recipe that calls for 2 or more boxes of liquid stock, anticipating heavy grocery bags with broken handles. Or, possibly, you've been known to collect vegetable scraps in bulky freezer bags, only to later make homemade broth that seemed inconsistent in flavor.

Better than Bouillon is about to make your life oh-so-much easier. Generally available in supermarkets for less than a light, compact $5 a jar -- which, by the way, is shelf stable and will last you months -- the base is quick and simple to use. Just add one cup of hot water to one teaspoon of bouillon base et voila! You'll never go back to the boxed stuff.